石原恒和 - バージョン違い同時発売の狙い| 画期的な通信交換

企画スタートは“新しい遊びの実現” 画期的な通信交換、ソフト同時発売の狙い




The project started with the aim of “realizing a new type of play.” The aim of the groundbreaking communication exchange and simultaneous software release

The actual development of the game started around 1990. At the time, Mr. Satoshi Tajiri (current president of Game Freak) suggested that we could realize a new type of game using a communication cable. I had the impression that if we could realize this, we would be able to create a completely different kind of game.

Game Freak was focusing on how to make exchanges more interesting, and I thought that if some of the Pokémon that appear in the two types of software were different, it would be possible to create exchanges that would please both parties and make exchanges even more fun, and what about the idea of evolution when the exchange passes through the cable? What about the idea of evolving Pokémon when they go through the cable in the exchange?

It is clear that Pokémon became a new game when some of the Pokémon that appeared in the two types of software were different and could be exchanged or played against each other. Later, as hardware has evolved, we have placed great importance on connecting with other trainers, such as through wireless communication. I believe that communication is very important for Pokémon, and I think it is fundamental to the expansion of the game.

#person:田尻 智(たじり さとし)石原 恒和(いしはら つねかず)
#series:ポケットモンスター 赤・緑全般

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